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What are the main reasons that affect the threshing effect of rice beater?


In grain processing, rice beater is one of the important mechanical equipment. According to the different processing technology, the rice machine can be divided into rice white rice machine and brown rice white rice machine. The difference between them is that the rice beater (commonly known as the agricultural rice machine) is an iron roller or iron bar sand roller rice beater that directly grinds rice into white rice;

The model has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low price, and is very suitable for use in rural areas. The shelling machine is generally a sand roller rice beating machine, which is only suitable for processing and removing the net brown rice from the rice husk. It needs to be combined with rice husk machine, rice husk machine, rice husk separator and other rice processing equipment. The scale of investment is relatively large, mainly for grain processing enterprises.


What is the reason why the rice beater combination equipment cannot be used normally?


Pay attention to the wiring requirements, rice beater combination equipment can not be shared with the original lighting circuit. Direct connection from the main power switch shall be made using copper or aluminum wires larger than 4 mm2. Insertion is not allowed. It is recommended to use more than 10A knife switch. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether the fasteners of all parts of the machine are loose, and open the machine cover to check whether the gap between the rice rollers is correct. Typically, the gap between the rice knife and the tip of the rice roll bar is about 3mm at the beginning of the rolling bar and about 2.5mm at the end of the rolling bar. Turn on the switch and idle for about 1 to 3 minutes. If the operation is normal, the material can be fed for processing. When driving the feed board, it needs to be pulled out slowly, and the machine needs to gradually increase the load, otherwise it will suddenly increase, which may cause the machine to jam and jam. If the machine stops halfway, you need to close the feed inlet first, and then stop the machine after the rice is beaten in the rice beating room.


Small rice beater: how to install the sieve of rice beater?


1. Rice mill is also called rice mill. Generally speaking, the rice mill is mainly composed of three rice mills, motors and racks. The rice milling machine is mainly composed of machine cover, middle seat, machine base, rice milling machine, rice sieve, rice knife and rice knife. The composition of the inlet barrel, screen, pulley and adjustment device. Rice can be processed into rice at one time, and the separation of rice, bran and broken rice can be completed at the same time.

2. The peeling machine studio is equipped with an iron screen in the working room, and the screen is equipped with a grinding wheel. Gaps between the raw meal particles are formed between the screen and the grinding body. Peeling at the same time, combined with winnishing, kernel seed separation, greatly reducing the crushing rate, more effectively improve the quality and yield of peeling.

3. use: suitable for rice migration and sorghum processing rice processing plant and grain processing workshop peeling, also suitable for corn, wheat, barley, mung bean, soybean and other grain, as well as traditional Chinese medicine and barley, barley, green wonton peeling. Processing, especially corn, removes the hard husk and germ, improves the taste effect of corn, and expands the application range of corn. Corn flour ground after peeling is popular.

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