Manufacturers take you to understand the small rice beater

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Small rice beaterIt is the processing of agricultural and sideline products that take rice or brown rice as raw grain, which is discharged from the silo and organized to enter the spiral conveyor after total flow adjustment to carry out grinding and keep edible rice processing. At present, there are many on the market.Small rice beater, if it is said that the difference between different well-known brands is undoubtedly quite big, that is, generally speaking, it is impossible to see the appearance, then thisSmall rice beaterHow to choose?


The key is to look at the quality,Small rice beaterEach part is not firmly tied, such as the triangle belt, whether the application of this kind of goods is reliable well-known brands, and its frame is not strong, then the words are whether the paint on the surface is bright, this is all attributed to people's reference criteria, the number of triangle belt is also the reference criteria. The size of the body type is also a reference criterion. There are many people at all levels who are not afraid of comparison. If they are compared, they look very different. Generally, they are slightly well-known brands and pay more attention to quality. People buying small rice mills are actually similar to buying clothes. Cost-effective clothes and trousers are definitely different from expensive clothes and trousers. Only everyone has wood to look at them carefully. If they look carefully, he has quite a big difference, quality, all levels are different, just for fear that you will watch carefully. As long as you watch carefully, each silo, support frame at all levels and all its spare parts are all reference points. It is different. At first, people can distinguish it by looking at its weak knot. Press the spare parts at all levels with their fingers. Generally speaking, a slightly ordinary well-known brand can undoubtedly be pressed, A well-known brand that is stronger and better is undoubtedly good, and the price is thicker when pressed. This is the criterion for us to distinguish.

Small rice beaterIf the speed is relatively slow, the key reasons are: 1. the working voltage is relatively low, the speed ratio of the motor will decrease under the condition that it cannot bear. People need to look at the switching power supply, whether the distance between the watt-hour meter and the people's motor is too long, or whether the cable between the people's watt-hour meter and the motor is relatively thin, generally speakingSmall rice beaterAll of them belong to cables with high power. If the power is high, it is stipulated that the power plug exceeds 4 square meters. This is the key reference. It is all special type for special line transportation. It is no different from light bulbs and other household appliances with small output power. The spacing must be short and the cable must be thicker.

2. the speed is relatively slow, he comes from the rice is not clean, becauseSmall rice beaterThe import is very small, people need more rice, he can not be smooth,Small rice beaterThe principle is that the raw materials are extruded after the feeding spiral. If there is gas in the middle, the actual effect is undoubtedly not very good, needless to say, and the rate is still slow. Therefore, we need to check whether people's rice is cleaned up and tidy. If not, we need to use a Dutch windmill to clean up the rice.