Advantages of rice processing equipment

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A new stage has also emerged in the development of the rice processing industry. From the traditional old manual rice processing to the current automatic grain processing equipment and grain processing device. reflectsRice processing equipmentdevelopment and change of the industry.

Rice processing equipmentadvantage


Rice processing equipmentIn the food processing industry, what is the processing effect? There are many processing equipment in the food processing industry. Rice processing equipment, corn processing equipment, millet processing equipment, etc. The other equipment is rice processing equipment. In fact, the equipment is more than that. More things are listed in detail. Processing is based on their own processing needs, choose the appropriate processing equipment production. So what are the advantages of rice processing equipment in grain processing equipment, and what is the effect of the food processed by the equipment?


1.Rice processing equipmentCan clear grains, remove stones, peeling. The grinding and polishing stages are automatically carried out continuously, the process is very smooth, and the maintenance is very convenient.


The processing equipment adopts energy-saving processing parts. Reduce overall power consumption.


3.Rice processing equipmentFirst of all, the technical process of peeling processing is adopted. In the traditional process, the problem of shell is solved, and it is easy to uniformly grind.


Equipment Use cleaning equipment. Peel equipment, new polishing equipment, grade equipment, the application of these technologies and equipment.Rice processing equipmentIt has the advantages of high rice yield and low rice flour yield.


Rice processing equipmentThe use of fully automatic production process. Impurities and peeling of grains can be completed, and the processing time is very flexible, and it can be processed and produced throughout the day. Pay attention to the cooling of the machine. The quality of the coarse cereals produced is guaranteed, the processing efficiency is high, and the cost is low. Kaifeng rice processing equipment is compact, reasonable, strong, well protected, good-looking, small size. Light weight, easy installation and transportation, simple operation, convenient maintenance and management.


Rice processing equipmentThe processing stage is divided into four steps


1. Screening: It is the screening of impurities in grains without doping other impurities.


2. Cleaning process: In other words, washing grains with physical impurities is a prerequisite for ensuring the cleanliness of processed products, and it is also helpful to the process of peeling grains.


3. Polishing: From peeling to crushing, this is a continuous process, no longer need manual operation. This is a completely automated process.


4. Sieving: Sieving is the general process of grain classification and one of the processes to distinguish different levels of grain.


Rice processing equipmentHigh production efficiency and good wear resistance of easily damaged parts. Consumable accessories are all made of unique wear-resistant materials or cemented carbide, with good wear resistance, low price for replacing consumable accessories, and meet the national health quality standards for a variety of products. The rice processing plant can adjust other product ranges according to user requirements without adding a powder filter. The disposable powder has no residue and high yield, which reduces the trouble of multiple processing and saves processing time. Reliable equipment for manufacturers of grain processing equipment. The current cereal production equipment uses new technologies to improve cereal production and processing production capacity, reduce energy consumption, increase total output and high added value, ensure cereal nutrition, flavor, and safety performance, promote a stronger level of new technology, people-oriented, and vigorously improve new Cereal facilities and new cereal products, apply high-tech to cereal equipment, manufacture and produce good-level equipment.