What are the main components of a rice mill?

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1. Milling room of rice mill

1、rice millof the milling chamber

Self-helprice millWhat are the main components?

As shown in the figure, the refined rice chamber is the core part of the refined rice machine. The refined rice room has a hollow shaft, sand roller, iron roller, rice body, etc. The assembly drawing of the hollow shaft, screw head and spindle sleeve is shown in Fig. 3. The sand roller with ventilation opening is outside the hollow shaft, the rice body is sleeved outside the sand roller, and the rice body pressure frame is fixed on the rice body. The screw head is fixed at the feed end of the hollow shaft, and the spindle pressure sleeve is fixed outside the screw head. The screw head has an inlet hole 1, the spindle pressure sleeve has an inlet hole 2, and the hollow shaft has an inlet 1 and an inlet 2 at both ends. This will form an inlet channel for the intermediate layer outside the hollow shaft in the milling chamber.

rice millThe water inlet 1 and the water inlet 2 constitute a two-way inflow of the main shaft, and the inlet channel becomes 4 channels. The increase of inflow and pressure in the milled rice chamber makes the material suspended, which greatly reduces the influence of gravity on the material and improves the milled rice efficiency. The indoor pressure of refined rice gradually matches with the expansion of the air inlet area. The negative pressure strong wind makes the rice temperature fully reduced, the bran is more sufficient, it is easy to block, the body area is effectively used, the crushing rate is reduced, and the output is increased.

2、rice millStructure diagram of sand roller and iron roller

Sand roller and iron roller are the main working parts of milling chamber. It can be seen from the schematic diagram of the sand roller structure that the inner wall of the sand roller is provided with a fixed sleeve 24, the sand roller and the hollow shaft are connected by the fixed sleeve, and the fixed sleeve is provided with ventilation holes.

It can be seen from the schematic diagram of the iron roller structure that the inner wall of the iron roller has a fixed sleeve, which is connected to the hollow shaft through the fixed sleeve, and the fixed sleeve is open with ventilation holes.

3、rice millThe supply device

The structure diagram of the feeding device is shown in the figure.

It consists of a hopper, a supply door, an ejector rod, a lever mechanism, etc. There is an entrance at the entrance of the rack, and the entrance has an inclined feed door. One end of the feed door is fixed on the thimble, which can swing up and down through the spring of the thimble. One end of the ejector pin is connected to the supply door, and the other end is connected to the lever mechanism. The other end of the lever mechanism is connected to the lever. The other end of the pull rod is equipped with a hand wheel, the pull rod has a positioning groove, the outer cover of the pull rod has a positioning cover, and the positioning cover has a card entrance. Rotate the handwheel to control the size of the feed door opening.

4、rice millStructure diagram of clean cold rice device

The rice output of the refined rice machine has a cold rice cleaning device. The structure is shown in the figure. Cleaning the cold rice device can further reduce the rice temperature and discharge the chaff. The cold rice cleaning device consists of a bran tube, a pressure door and a handle. One end of the chaff collecting pipe is connected with the chaff collecting bucket, and the other end is provided with an open pressure door, which is controlled by the air regulating door handle.

The negative pressure two-way multi-channel air inlet greatly increases the inlet area and air inflow of the refined rice machine, reduces the rice flour rate, saves energy, and has the characteristics of dual-use machinery. The finished rice processed by this machine has uniform precision, fine surface, good color and less ground rice starch.