What is the operation and maintenance of rice mills?

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Safe start-up of rice mill

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(1) Before driving, charge indoor foreign objects (such as screws, nuts, iron blocks, etc.), check whether there are other foreign objects that affect driving materials or equipment, and manually press the spindle electric wheel. should not clip the phenomenon of elimination.

rice millWhat is the operation and maintenance?

(2) When driving, when the equipment tolerance is running normally, when recharging and processing, when adjusting the flow rate and accuracy, attention should be paid to the overload of the power load and the ammeter cannot be closed. The ballast weight of the pressure door should be adjusted according to the variety of raw materials and the required accuracy, or the ballast of other weights should be replaced.

2rice millthe correct use

(1) Reasonable selection of auxiliary power. Generally speaking, the refined rice machine should work in a state close to full load. Under full load, the motor should give full play to its power, select and allocate the machine reasonably, avoid "pony tea", make the refined rice machine give full play to its role and save electricity. General motor power than the rated power of the rice machine 1.2~1.5 times larger.

(2) Adjustment of entrance and exit gates. The inlet sluice is wide open, the outlet sluice is closed, the grain is increased, the crushed beige white, but the rice flour is many. On the contrary, the milled rice is rough, but the rice yield is high. The inlet and outlet gates should be well coordinated, the inlet gate should control the flow, and the outlet gate should control the accuracy. During specific operation, the opening of the inlet sluice shall be fixed after being adjusted according to regulations. At this time, the operator operates the outlet gate with his right hand and puts the rice grains in the bottom of the outlet with his left hand to confirm whether the rice grains are in good condition and whether the beige is white. (Albert Einstein, Northern Exposure (American TV), Season's Quote) Broken rice can open the big exit gate. If the rice grains are rough, the small outlet sluice can be closed. Both should be considered before the quality of polished rice meets the requirements.

(3)rice millAdjust the rice knife. Mainly adjust the distance between the rice knife and the sand roller. If the distance is large, the air pressure is small, and the friction force of the rice grains is small, but the rice yield is high. On the contrary, although the accuracy has improved, the rice flour rate is very high. Generally speaking, when the adjustment of the entry and exit gates cannot meet the production requirements, adjust the rice knife.

(4) Adjust the rice body. In the work, if it is found that the bran is mixed with rice, it is necessary to check whether the rice body has the phenomenon of rice leakage. If the body is improperly installed or damaged, it should be reinstalled or repaired. If the body hole is too large, the body hole should be changed to a small body.

(5) If the materials before the intermediate production cannot keep up, the supply gate should be closed, and the supply gate should be opened slowly after the materials are sufficient. Do not produce when the lead white room is not filled with materials.

(6)rice millAfter the production is completed, the imported sluice should be closed first, then started for about 1 minute, the rice in the lower chamber should be milled, and the power should be turned off after all materials are removed.

(7) When using the new refined rice machine, due to the new sand roller, the new rice body, the new rice knife, etc., the pressure in the grinding chamber is very large, and the phenomenon that the output does not increase or does not grab the surface of the rice grains often occurs. In this case, the rice body should be removed and the oil and rust should be wiped clean. Remove pressure side by side (lift outlet pressure bar).