The principle, precautions and advantages of rice beater

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A rice beater is a machine that naturally yields rice when the grain is put in. There are many families in the countryside who beat rice through a rice machine. While the rice beater is beating the rice, there is also chaff coming out on the other side. The chaff is the broken chaff. Bran can be used to feed chickens and domestic pigs.

Rice BeaterIt's a machine that puts the grain in and makes the rice naturally. In the countryside there are many families that are throughRice BeaterHit the rice.Rice BeaterAt the same time as the rice is beaten out, there is chaff coming out on the other side. The chaff is the broken chaff. Bran can be used to feed chickens and domestic pigs.

Rice BeaterPrinciple:

1. Grinding sand roller rice machine structure, which is composed of a frame and an exhaust fan. The rice milling chamber is fixed on the frame, the feeding device is installed on the upper part of the rice milling chamber, and the chaff collection hopper is installed on the lower part of the rice milling chamber.

2. The main shaft in the rice milling chamber is a hollow shaft. The air inlet is located at both ends of the hollow shaft. The rice outlet is equipped with a rice cooling machine device. The inclined guide plate is installed in the rice outlet. The lower part of the guide plate is equipped with a rice cooling device. The grinding sand roller rice machine is characterized by lower pressure in the rice milling chamber and higher linear speed of the rice milling roller.

3. Since grinding only exists between the rice milling roller and brown rice, brown rice and the chaff row cylinder, plus negative pressure two-way multi-channel air inlet, the rice crushing rate in the rice milling process is low. During the working process, the brown rice enters the end of the rice milling chamber through the flow regulating mechanism from the feeding hopper, and is pushed into the inside of the rice milling chamber by the rotating screw propeller. When the brown rice fills the rice milling chamber, the screw propeller still pushes the brown rice in continuously.

4. The pressure in the rice milling chamber continues to increase. When the pressure of the brown rice group is large enough to overcome the resistance of the pressure door of the discharge port, the discharge port is opened, and the rice grains are discharged from the rice milling chamber. From the inlet to the outlet of the rice machine, the brown rice is always subjected to grinding. The skin layer is gradually stripped off and becomes rice bran, which is discharged through the holes of the barrel and then rice milling is completed. The outlet is equipped with a device for cleaning and cooling rice to further cool the rice grains.

Rice BeaterNote:

1. Before brown rice enters the hopper, check whether there are metal objects and stones to avoid damage to the grinding wheel.

2. Pull out the front rotating block after grinding white, and clean up the rice sugar in the residual grinding white room, so as not to affect the accuracy of the sample.

3. The white grinding precision shall be determined by the variety of brown rice to determine the number of samples and the white grinding time. The number of low-precision samples is 17-18g, and the white grinding time is slightly shorter. The number of high-precision samples is 20g, and the white grinding time is slightly longer.

4. When the machine is used for a long time and after grinding brown rice with high water content, when the grinding wheel bonded with rice bran affects the whiteness, the grinding wheel can be removed by a spreader, the bran powder can be removed by a steel wire brush, and the bran powder can be removed by loading it back as it is.

Rice BeaterThe advantages

1、Rice BeaterStable operation. Rolling bearing only bear the axial force, no interaction force caused by the rolling bearing ground stress and bare metal torque is small. The standard installation of the white roller on the production of manufacturing, assembly line is not high; the relative construction of the technical standards of spare parts usually;

2、Rice BeaterThe rice yield is relatively high, the spiral groove makes the relative density of the fluid mechanics of the small rice grains on the total length of the white grinding chamber more uniform, the tumbling fitness exercise is good, and the small rice grains on each part of the grinding level is symmetrical;

3. Two white rollers in eachRice BeaterCoaxial output or off-axis are convenient and effective.

4, inRice BeaterThe level orientation of the removal of the sand roller is convenient and cost-saving;

5, the volume of production and machine weight is small. Because the radial driving force is very large, the water flow of small rice grains is very large, and the column typeRice BeaterUnder the same total flow of raw materials into the machine, the diameter of the white roller and the total annular area of the white chamber are smaller, the volume of the bare machine is smaller and the net weight is lighter, the production and manufacturing technology standard is lower, and the cost is smaller.