Rice Mill Manufacturer: Precautions for Rice Mill Operation

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With the popularity of current rice milling, rice mills have become popular in many fields. Because the rice mill is convenient and fast, it can turn rice into fresh rice at home, so it has been recognized by many people. Because the rice market is a rigid demand, many people have joined the new retail of rice milling machines, and more and more rice milling machine manufacturers. When using the rice mill, the following precautions are taken:

With the current popularity of rice milling,rice millhas become popular in many areas. Duerice millIt is convenient and fast, so you can turn rice into fresh rice at your doorstep, so it has been recognized by many people. Since the rice market is a rigid demand, many people joinedrice millThe new retail,rice millManufacturers are also increasing. When using the rice mill, these precautions are as follows:
1. first, chooserice millThe location. Please noterice millWith waterproof and anti-hail measures, you can add a canopy to the rice mill to prevent rain and sun, and the service life of the intelligent rice mill is longer. Placing it in an open environment to directly withstand wind, sun and rain will not only affect the performance of current rice mills, but high temperature and rain will also cause machine failure. The failure rate is greatly increased and the service life of the machine is shortened. At the same time, the high temperature and the penetration of rainwater will affect the storage function of the rice mill, make the rice in the rice mill deteriorate, and the outdoor environment will make the cleaning and maintenance of the rice mill more difficult, which will affect the appearance and cleanliness of the machine.
2. rice milling machine manufacturers: normal maintenance and maintenance of rice milling machine equipment. After the rice milling machine has been running for a period of time, it needs regular maintenance to increase the service life of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. It can be operated in accordance with the relevant maintenance procedures notified by the rice mill manufacturer.
3. rice mill manufacturers: rice mill daily maintenance mainly pay attention to the following aspects:
Clean the dust and screen surface of the machine every few days to prevent electrical damage.
2. Always check the elasticity of the pressure door to ensure that the outlet is smooth.
3, often check the belt tension.
Regularly maintain the bearings every three months to ensure lubrication.
5. Do not turn the machine upside down, move it gently when needed.
6. Timely observe the amount of rice bran collected in the bag. If there is too much rice bran in the bag, please stop the machine and clean the rice bran in time before continuing to use the machine to prevent the fan from blocking, affecting the rice quality, or even damaging the machine.
Of course, when buying a rice mill, there will be the operating instructions of the rice mill manufacturer and the usual maintenance precautions, which is more conducive to people running the rice mill.