Matters needing attention in the installation of rice processing equipment and the reasons for the occurrence of more broken rice

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Precautions for installation of rice processing equipment: Manufacturers purchase complete sets of rice processing equipment after installation. After the production and processing are completed, the production and processing of the equipment can stabilize the production, and the installation requirements are very high. When installing rice processing equipment, you need to find a special operator to install it, and test the equipment after the installation is completed. If there is no problem, the rice processing equipment can carry out normal rice production and processing. So, the installation method of rice processing equipment should pay attention to what?

Rice processing equipmentNote for installation:

Manufacturers buy complete setsRice processing equipmentAfter installation. After the production and processing are completed, the production and processing of the equipment can stabilize the production, and the installation requirements are very high. InstallationRice processing equipmentAt the same time, it is necessary to find a special operator for installation and test the equipment after installation. If there are no problems,Rice processing equipmentNormal rice production and processing can be carried out. So,Rice processing equipmentThe installation method should pay attention to what?

1. Choose the correct installation location and dig the pit. Pay attention to the location and size of the pit, which can be based onRice processing equipmentThe size to determine.

2. Place the rack and fix it firmly.

3. All rice processing equipment components can be assembled according to the equipment structure diagram.

4. Install all connectors of the pipeline and connect all single machine material turnover channels.

5. Install all motors, V-belts, etc.

6. Turn on the power supply and test the machine with no load.

7. Complete set of debuggingRice processing equipment.

Complete setRice processing equipmentThe working screen surface should be flat and without unevenness. Check whether the bearing seat is tight and other important coupling screws are tightened before starting. The screen surface should be paved with a layer of material in advance to avoid uneven distribution of air flow due to the failure of the material to cover the screen surface in time. Check the situation of stone and stone in the net grain and find out the cause of the problem in time so as to take measures to deal with it. In the process of rice processing, it needs to be continuously processed by multiple equipment before it can be processed into rice for us to eat. The operator needs to understand the processing principle of the complete set of rice processing equipment and master the parameter setting of the equipment during the processing, which is conducive to the improvement of the equipment. Rice processing equipment will encounter some failures during use. If these problems cannot be solved in time, it may delay the normal production time and affect the production schedule.

AnalysisRice processing equipmentWhat are the reasons for a large number of broken grains in production:

Now,Rice processing equipmentMore and more kinds. The processing factory selects the appropriate equipment for production and processing according to the processing needs. There is a problem in the production process, that is, there are more broken grains in the processing of rice equipment. Many manufacturers do not know what causes it, whether it is the problem of processing equipment or the problem of raw corn. How to solve this problem, the following Henan grain hospital machinery processing equipment manufacturers will tell you how to solve the problem of multiple broken grains.

The rice is too wet, and the water content cannot exceed 10%, resulting in more broken rice. This happens quite often.

2. The uneven adjustment of the gap between the sand roller and the sieve in the rice milling room leads to more broken rice, which is also one of the reasons.

3. The adjustment gap of the shelling machine is too small, and the damage to the rice is too large during the shelling process. This is also very common.

4. The speed of the rice processing equipment exceeds the rated speed, the spring pressure at the rice outlet is too large, the pressure in the rice milling chamber is too large, and the rice residence time is too long. Reduce broken rice.

Fine rice can be processed into high-refined rice or ordinary refined rice, while inferior rice can only be processed into ordinary refined rice. If you want to process inferior rice into high-precision rice, it will inevitably produce a large number of broken rice. Therefore, according to the quality of rice, the appropriate rice processing equipment and process flow should be selected for rice processing.