In July 2021, customers came to visit Shuanghu Factory

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In July 2021, Shuanghu sincerely invited customers from many parts of the country to come to the factory for reference and inspection. During this period, Shuanghu's employees patiently and meticulously answered questions for customers, winning unanimous praise from customers!

Shuanghu Grain Machine welcomes you

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Changzhou Wujin Shuanghu Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. received customers from many parts of the country in July 2021.

During this period, the leaders of Shuanghu analyzed the current situation, opportunities and challenges of the grain machinery industry, the role, responsibility and status of grain processing enterprises, and the online and offline complementary service mechanism. The agricultural machinery exhibition will be displayed in the form of traditional offline exhibition and online live broadcast and other multi-channel and multi-platform exhibition for enterprises, cooperatives and individuals to carry out exhibition and communication through pictures, articles, audio and video, etc. The traffic channels will be gradually fully opened, and the service platform will be gradually fully covered, providing customers with better quality, fast and professional services.

Shuanghu grain machinery market covers both at home and abroad, and its products are also very recognized by customers in overseas markets. In order to better serve users in these countries, we have set up a number of branches overseas, and intimate professional services usher in the trust of customers,More and more overseas products have been accumulated over the past 50 years. This mutual trust and support promotes the iterative update of the company's products. The products are getting better and better, the cost performance is getting higher and higher, and the service is better.EfficientProfessional!

After this visit, some bosses signed an order contract with us on the spot.

a period of timeAfterAccording to the time agreed in the contract, the goods will be delivered to the customer, and professional teachers will be arranged to carry out on-site installation teaching!

Choose Shuanghu grain machine, is to choose rest assured, more than 50 years old brand, professional service, reliable program, stable after-sales!

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