The working principle of rice processing equipment

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Rice processing equipment and working principle A grain processing machine that removes the husk from rice to make polished rice. Commonly used are sand table luxury thresher and rubber roller husker. Two machines. The main working part of the disc shelling machine is the annular sand disc bonded with the cast iron disc.

Rice processing equipmentand working principle

Rice processing equipmentIt is a grain processing machine that removes the husk from the rice to make polished rice. Commonly used are sand table luxury threshing machine and rubber roller husker. Two machines. The main working part of the disc shelling machine is the annular sand disc bonded with the cast iron disc. The upper plate of the upper plate and the lower plate are fixed, the lower plate is rotating and can move up and down, and the upper and lower sand can be adjusted according to the grain size of the rice.Rice processing equipmentThe disc gap. The rolling distance should be less than the length of the meter, but greater than the width and thickness of the meter. The rice from the feed hopper feeds the grain into the lower sand tray through the central area of the upper sand tray, and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the lower sand tray forces the grain into the old two trays. Ring Shelling Zone. Under the action of end pressure and friction, it is about 75. 0% rice can be shelled, but it is easier to crush and collect. A lot. After shelling, the chaff mixture is removed from the chaff by airflow through the chaff separation device, and then discharged from the machine. The outer diameter of the sand disc is 4001120mm, and the width of the annular shelling area is generally 1/61/7 of the outer diameter. The main working parts of the rubber roller husker are a pair of horizontal rubber rollers or plastic rollers bonded or sheathed on the cast iron cylinder (see figure). The two roller shafts are located on the same horizontal plane or slightly different heights, and rotate in reverse at different speeds, and the position of one roller is fixed. Set, the other roller can be moved, so that the rolling distance between the two rollers can be adjusted. The rice is mixed in the glue by a drip pan (or feed roller and drip pan).

Rice processing equipmentThe entire length of the drum is evenly fed between the two drums. Most of the rice husk is removed by the extrusion of the two drums and the tearing effect caused by the speed difference between the two drums, and then enters the chaff separation device, and then 45 The wind speed of meters and seconds is sucked by the suction port, and then the mixture of rice grains and refined rice is discharged from the drip tray.Rice processing equipmentThere are two types of distance adjustment mechanisms: constant pressure adjustment and distance adjustment. Constant pressure adjustment can be carried out by air pressure, hydraulic pressure or pressure, in which the pressure-type automatic roller tightening (roller gap adjustment) mechanism was developed as early as the 1960 s. In order to keep the linear speed difference between the two rubber rollers at the correct linear speed, China has also developed a transmission method that combines gear boxes and V-belts.Rice processing equipmentThe rubber roller husker has high shelling efficiency and high precision. There is less broken rice, but when the temperature is high, the rubber roller is worn and the production cost is high. Rubber roller husker 1. machine This equipment is mainly used to remove rice husk and separate rice husk. It is one of the main working machines for rice processing. This device improves the effect of functional shelling technology, reduces consumption and creates more economic benefits for users. 2. working principle Through a pair of rubber rollers rotating in opposite directions at different speeds, the rice between the rollers is squeezed by the pressure of the weight. The purpose of shelling is achieved by pressing, rubbing and tearing. When the hulled material passes through the chaff separation chamber, it is affected by the wind. The mixture was separated from the rice hulls. The overall structure of the 3. is mainly composed of hopper feeding device, head device, chaff separation chamber, gear box, frame, etc. The 4. process flow is clean. The grain enters the flow adjustment mechanism from the hopper and enters the luxury grain machine through the drip tray. The two rubber rollers in the head box are shelled in the middle, and the shelled mixture enters the chaff through the fish scale drip plate for separation, and the chaff passes through.