Rice Mill Manufacturers Share the Core Part of Rice Mill

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Rice mill manufacturers share the core parts of the rice mill: sheet metal shell part, barn part, rice milling part, rice measurement part, bran processing part, electric control box part and human interaction part. 1. rice mill manufacturers talk about sheet metal shell

Rice mill manufacturersThe core parts of the shared rice mill: sheet metal shell part, barn part, rice milling part, rice measurement part, bran processing part, electric control box part, human interaction part.


1.Rice mill manufacturersTalk about sheet metal shell

Appearance structure is not as important as a product. The shared rice milling machine is an outdoor self-rescue rice milling product, which has higher requirements on the rainproof, sealing, corrosion resistance and firmness of the shell. Therefore, the material is generally made of steel (carbon steel and stainless steel) to paint the surface. At the same time, the rainwater trough is considered from the structure and waterproof measures are taken.

2. Barn Section

On the premise of ensuring the sealing performance of the barn, some factories treat the sheet metal of the barn with vents of about 1-1.5mm in diameter, and some enterprises replace the sheet metal wall with 3-5mm thick transparent acrylic plate or tempered glass on the basis of preserving the metal frame of the barn, so as to improve the appreciation of the products. Because the Internet of Things system platform needs to monitor the remaining rice capacity of each product barn in real time and alarm for rice shortage, it is generally necessary to install a "proximity switch" in each barn. When the remaining rice volume is lower than the "proximity switch" position, the software will send a supplementary warning notification.

Of course, rice mill manufacturers believe that if the budget is sufficient, weighing sensors can be installed on both sides of the barn to accurately monitor the barn capacity.

3. milled rice section

Rice milling requires three stages, the first stage is the rice lower node ring, the second stage is the rice milling and shelling ring of the grain machine, and the third stage is the second rice milling and shelling process of the core of the rice mill.

Let me explain these three parts in detail. There are many contents. Please browse patiently.

The first step: rice blanking link

According to the development experience, the current implementation methods are generally divided into two types. One is the thrust opening and closing control, and the other is the combination of the spiral structure and the stepping motor drive control (also known as the air supply for teaching). The two methods have their own applicable scenarios.

The second spiral structure is complicated together with the stepper motor drive control, involving many program logics and high cost, but the advantages are obvious, and the inflow of rice can be accurately controlled. At the same time, according to different motor speeds, the lower section speed of rice is realized and the lower section action is stopped, which is of great help to improve the rice milling speed of the rice milling machine and the life of the rice milling movement and motor.

The second step: threshing machine once peel rice husk link

The function of the grain machine is to crush rice, peel and brown rice (rice is brown rice, brown rice is peeled, germ rice is germ rice, germ rice is refined white rice after germ rice is removed from germ rice), and brown rice enters the rice mill for secondary refinement.

The rice planting period also has disadvantages. First of all, it is necessary to confirm the cleanliness of the rice. There are no stones and leaves larger than rice grains. Otherwise it is easy to die.Rice mill manufacturersIt is believed that the cost of the threshing machine itself is also high. At present, the price of the threshing machine on the market is 2400 yuan to 2600 yuan. The use of the threshing machine can increase the material cost and after-sales cost of the product. The third step: milling machine core two

Rice mill manufacturersIt is considered that this link is an important part of the purchase process of the shared rice mill for grinding rice into rice, including the rice mill, drive motor (power 2200W or 3000W), belt drive or connection of accumulator or gear actuator, blower, etc.

The rice mill angle mainly includes the motor-driven rice mill movement to rotate for rice milling. The accuracy of rice and rice milling rate are mainly related to the precision adjustment handle of the rice milling movement. By changing the size of the handle, adjust the spring top pressure of the outlet rice inlet of the movement, and change the time that the rice stays in the rice milling movement. The longer the stay, the more sufficient the rice is milled, but the longer the time, the rice may break.