Let me tell you about the service life of the household rice beater

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Let me tell you about the service life of the household rice beater The household rice beater is composed of many parts. It is a complicated and delicate work to assemble these parts into equipment with specific performance parameters. The assembly quality will immediately endanger the rationality, reliability and service life of the sand roller household rice beater. Here, people introduce in detail the assembly of typical parts with symbolic significance and wide application.

Let me tell you about the service life of the household rice beater

Household Rice BeaterThe Whole Process of Parts Assembly and Common Problems

Household Rice BeaterComposed of many parts, assembling these parts into equipment with specific performance parameters is a complex and delicate task, and the quality of the assembly will immediately endanger the sand rollerHousehold Rice BeaterThe rationality, reliability and service life, here, people detailed the assembly of typical parts with symbolic significance and wide application.


1. Before assembly, each assembled part should be carefully cleaned. During the entire assembly process, it should be strictly kept clean. All stains on the assembly surface and the non-assembly surface will cause substantial damage to the parts.Household Rice BeaterUnable to operate properly, parts that have been punched, reamed or drilled are cleaned by air compression.

2. Apply grease to the friction surface of the parts during assembly to makeHousehold Rice BeaterWhen it is fully lubricated at the beginning of operation, the felt oil retaining ring needs to be cleaned and soaked in car oil so that the oil can seep in.

3. Pay strict attention to the thickness of the gasket when disassembling and replacing during maintenance, because the thickness of the gasket usually determines the assembly gap between the components, thereby endangeringHousehold Rice BeaterWhen installing, both sides of the gasket should be coated with a layer of grease (outside the diesel engine cylinder), and the gasket should not have defects such as wrinkles, cracks, uneven thickness, overlap or cylinder opening.

4. When installing parts that need to be accurately positioned, be sure to check each other's position and orientation marks, and adjust the gap to ensure the normal operation of all parts. For example, when assembling the piston rod and crankshaft, pay attention to the orientation, and the timing transmission gear must ensure Oil supply is interrupted, which is likely to cause accidents, correct ignition and valve timing.

Do thisHousehold Rice BeaterThere will be a longer life

Household Rice BeaterThe principle is to turn the rice grains over. It is the rotation of the rice grains in the direction of the short axis. The rotation is the rotation of the particles in the direction of the short axis. In the whole process of milling rice into rice, it needs to go through the rolling movement to make the rice grains All positions can be accepted equallyHousehold Rice BeaterThe function of the rice mill is to make the rice mill evenly and prevent the rice from being milled insufficiently or partially over-milled.

1. After milling rice, it is necessary to maintain a certain degree of dry humidity. Generally, the water content cannot exceed 14%. When the water content of rice is too high, it will be pressed into rice, endangering the quality of rice, and the driving force of consumption is also related to the expansion of rice.

2. Pay attention to check whether there are steel nails, stones and other dirt in the rice, so as not to enter the rice milling room and cause blockage or damage to the rice screen.

3. When starting, run to all normal speed ratios without load, then pour the straw into the hopper, and pay attention to the operation of the rice at any time.

4. Before starting, check the rice cutting machine, cylinder core and other components, and check whether the anchor bolts and nuts have torque.

5. Rotate the drum before starting and ask if there is any blockage.

6. Check once every day after work.Household Rice BeaterAnd service facilities, found that the problem in a timely manner to deal with, to ensure thatHousehold Rice BeaterAlways in good condition.

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