What if the speed of the rice mill is too low?

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If the speed of the small rice milling machine is relatively slow, the key reasons are: the 1. is that the working voltage is relatively low. under such conditions, the speed ratio of the motor will decrease, so people need to look at the switching power supply.

small rice millIf the speed is relatively slow, the key reasons are: 1. the working voltage is relatively low, the speed ratio of the motor will decrease under the condition that it cannot bear. People need to look at the switching power supply, whether the distance between the watt-hour meter and the people's motor is too long, or whether the cable between the people's watt-hour meter and the motor is relatively thin, generally speakingsmall rice millAll of them belong to cables with high power. If the power is high, it is stipulated that the power plug exceeds 4 square meters. This is the key reference. It is all special type for special line transportation. It is no different from light bulbs and other household appliances with small output power. The spacing must be short and the cable must be thicker.
2. the speed is relatively slow, he comes from the rice is not clean, becausesmall rice millThe import is very small, people need more rice, he can not be smooth,small rice millThe principle is that the raw materials are extruded after the feeding spiral. If there is gas in the middle, the actual effect is undoubtedly not very good, needless to say, and the rate is still slow. Therefore, we need to check whether people's rice is cleaned up and tidy. If not, we need to use a Dutch windmill to clean up the rice. small rice mill
No replacement of spare parts, rightsmall rice millthe destruction
The key spare part of the equipment is the rice sieve. The rice sieve will be damaged after long-term extrusion molding. If it is not removed and replaced, the rice will be very easy to grind and run into the chaff. This rice sieve must be inspected and replaced anytime and anywhere. Then there are also spare parts, namely rolling bearings, which will be destroyed after a certain period of high-speed rotation. If you find that the sound is loud, you need to stop using the equipment immediately. After dropping the administrative organ, you need to check whether the rolling bearings are damaged or not. You need to open the human body of the equipment for inspection. If the rolling bearings are damaged, you need to disassemble and replace them, if there is no destruction and salt-free butter, people's equipment can be used. People's equipment needs regular maintenance to ensure all normal work of the equipment. If there is no maintenance for a long time, the probability of equipment destruction is very high. Therefore, people's farmers and basin friends must pay attention to this important point.