Precautions for Operation of Rice Milling Machine

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The operation of the rice mill is very important, it is directly related to the product quality, rice yield and power consumption and other economic and technical indicators. The operator is required to do "four understandings, three meetings and three good" for the rice mill, I .e. understand the structure, performance, principle and purpose. Will operate, maintain and troubleshoot

rice millIt is directly related to product quality, rice yield and power consumption and other economic and technical indicators. Require the operatorrice millTo achieve "four understanding, three meeting, three good" that is, understand the structure, understand the performance, understand the principle and understand the use.

Forrice millThe operation, the focus should pay attention to the following points to ensure that the equipment in good working condition. In order to make the rice mill work in good condition, we must first achieve "Siping",That is, the outer circle of the sand roller is flat, the transfer of the rice sieve is flat, the knife edge of the rice knife is flat, and the interface between the beam and the rice sieve is flat. The second is to ensure that the roller device is concentric with the spindle, and do a good job of dynamic and static balance. When assembling the spray (wet) roller, the spray (wet) groove must be aligned with the spray (wet) hole on the main shaft to prevent misalignment. Third, the screw propeller and the convex rib of the iron roller should be replaced in time after wear. Rice sieve is generally used2-3For each shift, the rice knife and the press screen strip should be replaced by each shift. The inlet of the rice knife should be slightly larger at the inlet end and slightly smaller at the outlet end of the grinding white chamber. Adjusting parts such as outlet pressure door, air storage adjusting mechanism, rice knife advance and retreat adjusting screw, etc. should be kept flexible. Fourth, always check the tension of the transmission belt, and regularly clean the bearings and add grease.

1, to control wellrice millFlow.rice millThe flow rate should be determined according to factors such as the gap between the white grinding chamber, the process nature of brown rice, the rotation speed of the grinding roller and the size of the power equipment. Its size should be reasonable and stable. The rice machine should run at full capacity,However, overload operation is not allowed. Attention should be paid to the observation of the rice machine ammeter. If there is any abnormal fluctuation, the reason should be found immediately to make it return to normal.

2The white grinding precision and the proportion of chaff should be well controlled. The relationship between yield, rice yield and quality should be adjusted frequently to ensure good process results.

3, to control wellrice millThe amount of air. The air volume of the rice machine should be stable and suitable to absorb the bran powder and a large amount of hot and humid air. If the air volume is too large, it is easy to cause vicious impact, and even cause poor discharge and outlet spray chaff. If the air volume is too small, it is not conducive to the rolling of rice grains, reducing the effect of chaff discharge, heat dissipation and moisture dissipation. The air volume and static pressure required by the rice mill are all data in the manual. Only by selecting the applicable fan according to the process can the air volume and static pressure be ensured.


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