Complete sets of rice milling equipment which is good

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Complete sets of rice milling equipment which is good

China has been a large agricultural country since ancient times,rice millingrepresentedThe tools for processing grain in ancient China have gone through a process from simple to complex, from the original stone milling discs and rods for processing grain to modern times.Small separate rice milling machine, combined milling machine and spray type rice milling machineUntil the modern complete sets of rice milling equipment for excellence,With the gradual improvement of living standardsand the development of societyare all inRapid improvement of rice milling process, then purchaseWhich complete set of rice milling equipment is better?

The traditional rice mill will increase the broken rice rate due to the unreasonable arrangement of parts and the backwardness of the process. Therefore, in order to reduce the rate of broken rice and improve the quality of rice, it is necessary to use multi-machine light grinding process. The rice milling process of brown rice is to use friction and grinding to peel off the rice bran layer.,Modern complete sets of rice milling equipment mainly include cleaning, removing stones, husking and separating grains.Rice milling,Polishing grading,Drying, promotion, andgravity sieveand other processing processes,By improving the utilization rate of the rice milling movement area per unit output and the air volume penetrating the rice milling room, the rice crushing rate is reduced to a large extent.This is also contemporary.rice millingThe mainstream way of equipment production, but the product quality in the higher the technical requirements at the same time also more important, the purchase of rice milling equipment can not avoid discussionComplete sets of rice milling equipment which good question.

50T,25TWaitcomplete set of rice milling equipmentAs Changzhou Wujin Shuanghu Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd.Newly developed products,Its unique advantages in operation and production process:It consists of hairy rice lifting, cleaning, stone removal, rice husking, large chaff separation, grain rough separation, two-way rice milling, white rice grading, polishing, color selection, measurement and packaging, etc.,Collection of rice lifting, cleaning, stone removal, husking, according to the site is in a shape,L-shaped and U-shaped arrangement; Large chaff separation, grain roughness separation, rice milling and white rice grading, polishing color selection, measuring and packaging, integrating chaff and dust collection, ingenious and reasonable structure arrangement, low power consumption, simple installation and operation, and high rice yield and broken rice.Less, stone removal, dust removal effect is idealWaitFeatures, is the ideal product for medium-sized rice processing plants!