Rice milling room in the city, double lake rice milling machine, city fresh choice!

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The Shuanghu rice milling room has been driven to the city. You can visit the rice milling room on your way home from work or shopping. Incidentally, you can take a few kilos of fresh rice that has just been stripped of rice husks to cook and eat at home. You can live a healthy and healthy life.


"The city in the city, the people in the city, the people in the city live very seriously!" Social development is getting better and better, people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, and their lifestyles are getting richer and richer. In addition to shopping malls, watching movies, and eating KFC, a new first-tier city now has another shop to visit., That is the Shuanghu Rice Milling Room, you can visit on the way off work or on the way home from shopping, and take a few catties of fresh rice that has just been peeled off rice husks to go home to cook and eat, and live. Rice is one of the essential staple foods for most people in our daily life. Basically, we eat it every day. Now there are many kinds of rice sold on the grain and oil counters of various large supermarkets. The quality and price of rice are packaged in various ways. Some high-grade germ rice and fresh rice are becoming more and more popular. A boss found this market demand, and he always wanted to do more meaningful things for the people around him with his actions, so he wanted to open a rice milling room in the center of the city, which can more intuitively show the healthy processing process and rice milling effect quality of rice, and can better serve the people in the city. In the early stage, the boss spent a lot of time selecting sites and machines, visited many rice milling machine manufacturers, and finally chose our Shuanghu rice milling machine, in the early conversation with us, we learned that the customer's rice milling room has a special address, with thousands of daily traffic, strict market management, and high requirements for the stability, environmental protection and work efficiency of the machine. This set of equipment is We have customized a set of plans for him according to the requirements of the boss, and the equipment meets the above characteristics. A boss with feelings, a meaningful entrepreneurship can make people in this city eat more fresh rice! Finally, I would like to thank the boss for choosing a rice mill manufacturer with more than 50 years of design and production experience to cooperate-Shuanghu Grain Machine!